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Top 10 Booking and Reservation Solution Companies - 2021

Mobile technology has already impacted the travel and hospitality industries significantly, but currently, slews of exciting technological advancements enhance and alter the way hoteliers conduct mobile bookings. Recent advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and contactless payment techniques are accelerating and simplifying how individuals search for, shop for, and pay for products and services solely via their mobile devices. The travel industry’s larger companies are taking notice, incorporating cutting-edge technology to assist consumers in researching their next trip and attracting them with personalized recommendations. As mobile becomes more ingrained in daily life, travel firms will strive to differentiate themselves by making their mobile experience as simple, intuitive, and user-friendly as possible.

Individuals no longer have to spend hours browsing through websites in search of the best hotel room. They can outsource the laborious tasks to artificial intelligence. A pointless or tedious search for the ideal room can result in lost conversions. However, once machine learning is introduced, everything changes. Travel firms can utilize cognitive computing to analyze search requests that contain common language, which is then used to comb the web for the most relevant, tailored travel possibilities.

Further, mobile payment services are gaining popularity because they enable customers to make purchases in seconds with a simple tap or click on their device. These frictionless digital payment options benefit the user experience and mobility. Mobile payments can assist hotels in managing the check-in and check-out procedure more efficiently. Rather than needing to swipe or touch their credit cards at the beginning and end of their stays, tourists may pay for their accommodations and any additional services using their smartphones.

To help leaders choose the solution that best fits their requirements, Travel and Hospitality Tech Outlook has compiled a list of the most promising booking and reservation solution providers. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Travel and Hospitality Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Booking and Reservation Solution Providers - 2021.”

    Top Booking and Reservation Solution Companies

  • Offers cost-effective, cloud-based, and simple to use golf course management SaaS that increases revenue.

  • HubFares is a leading online Business to Business (B2B) travel aggregator providing access to the best global airfare content via its innovative HUB Graphical User Interface (GUI) and API. The company offers technology that is beneficial to a diverse group of travel professionals globally. Having customer-centricity at the core, HubFares customizes ideal solutions for the distinct needs of their clients by providing them with the ability to search for the lowest fares, including private and published, with end-to-end automation and 24/7 service. HubFares is committed to providing round-the-clock elite customer service, including rate desk pricing, waiver support, auto-ticketing, quality control, and other value-added options

  • Provides the best business intelligence solutions, IT services and outsourcing for eCommerce and web development

  • BookSteam


    BookSteam is ideal for businesses that take reservations for services, classes, clubs, or workshops. BookSteam's adaptability and customization capabilities enable it to readily support enterprises with many offices/locations, whether locally or across multiple States/Provinces. Customers can book appointments and classes online 24 hours a day, fill unique inquiry fields, and pay/pre-pay with a credit card. Thousands of clients worldwide rely on BookSteam in a variety of industries, including beauty, healthcare, government, education, retail, and finance

  • Checkfront


    Checkfront enables firms that operate on a timetable to more effectively manage their operations, centralise administration, and sell and market their services online. Their cloud-based booking platform acts as a centralised business administration tool, while also allowing merchants to accept self-service bookings directly from their own website.They devise novel strategies to increase knowledge of and attendance at the venues, activities, and special events. Make it simple for people to locate, choose, and schedule the services. Checkfront ensures client satisfaction by combining cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices

  • EzTix


    EzTix provides event organisers worldwide with event ticketing solutions. EzTix Event Ticketing has quickly become the chosen option for tours, festivals, and events near and far due to its cheap pricing, industry-leading features, and boutique customer care experience. EzTix is a Toronto, Ontario-based company that was founded with the goal of increasing the business, reaching a broader audience, and interacting with existing clientele. EzTix enables producers and event organisers to focus on producing world-class experiences every day through software solutions for staffing, guest management, sales processing, and digital marketing

  • GoDo


    GoDo is the most user-friendly and comprehensive online booking system for tour and activity providers. One of the numerous ways in which GoDo differentiates itself from its competitors is their emphasis on direct reservations. Companies are increasingly seeing a decline in direct reservations as one of their primary challenges. Each section of GoDo is focused on growing direct sales

  • ResNexus


    ResNexus is the most widely used and most popular reservation system for bed and breakfasts and inns in the United States. ResNexus, founded in 2003 and launched in 2005, is an all-in-one seamless software solution that has quickly established itself as the innovation leader in the bed and breakfast lodging industry, serving as a source of inspiration and revenue for bed and breakfasts, inns, hotels, and lodges worldwide. ResNexus is the industry innovator in guest management, online bookings via your website, automated marketing, true seamless GDS integration, smart minimum night requirements, and much more

  • ThinkReservations


    Think Reservations is a provider of hotel property management software. Think Reservations provides organization with a quick, professional, and comprehensive platform. ThinkReservations is a software solution that combines a property management system, an internet booking engine, and a channel manager. With a unique ecosystem of proven business management solutions, integrated payment processing, world-class support, and DIRECT connectivity to channels such as, Expedia, TripAdvisor,, and Airbnb, ThinkReservations is poised to unify, automate, and increase the profitability and productivity of every successful business



    TRYTN is a tour and activity provider's online booking and central reservation platform. By leveraging their cutting-edge booking platform, businesses may improve direct sales, streamline processes, and cut costs. Additionally, TRYTN partners have exclusive access to specialised marketing solutions and subsidised web development services, allowing them to maximise their online potential

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