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In the last few years, travel and hospitality industry has experienced drastic changes due to the emergence of several budding technologies and heightened customer experiences. The IoT revolution has set a tone for a ‘smart-everything’ world for the hospitality and travel industry, transforming a ‘demand-driven’ rigorous business into an ‘on-demand’ servicing machine, catering to a more dynamic range of customers. AI and IoT will improve personalization and its tasks such as googling for a getaway, logistics, planning and booking, to a whole new level. The hotel industry is now moving from science-fiction toward embracing technological development, wherein rooms are now available with Spotify, Netflix, and bed sensors for lighting and temperature.

Implementing real time tools for supplementing customer gratification has always been a tedious task for enterprises. Various developments integrating cloud computing and scalable third party API with PMS and CRM can make operation management software relatively affordable. Further personalization in CRM improves customer experience by empowering the delivery of fully honed “experiential marketing” and hence creating a brand loyalty.

A transformation of a more convenient travel and hospitality sector would be incomplete without the mobile component. Mobile devices are an ever present and an integral part of the booking journey: from research to planning, from booking to post stay experience sharing, guests depend completely on their phones. The industry needs to be well geared to leverage the use of the same with a myriad of possible integrations, under way in customer data inference and collection.

Enclosing the finer details of these developments, solutions and services, we present to you some of the insights from a plethora of leading practitioners and innovators in technology, who are revolutionizing the travel and hospitality terrain with their inventions and ideas. We hope that you enjoy reading this edition.

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    Top Companies

  • Arkadin provides end-to-end UC implementation services including consultation, planning and deployment of digital transformation to cloud-based enterprise communications


  • Blue Panda Communications is an innovative software company, delivering customer service and contact center cloud-based solutions for the communications landscape


  • Bright Pattern provides effective cloud contact center software and creates an omnichannel to enhance customer satisfaction


  • Offers solutions to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) for revenue generation, cost reduction and revenue protection


  • Combines teamwork and communication by launching initiatives, and building spreadsheets that are accessible from every device, ensuring less time is spent on meetings and emails


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